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Dearest Friend,

Thanks for stopping by The Gratitude Letters. Here’s a little back story on how it all got started…

My husband and I went out to breakfast one day. What I noticed almost immediately was the restaurant seemed a little too quiet. Looking around I was shocked. Every person surrounding us was looking at their cell phone. No exaggeration. Every. Person.

It was in that moment that it occurred to me that something is very wrong here. People aren’t taking the time to “smell the roses” anymore. It’s a shame because there are some really beautiful roses out there just waiting to be noticed and smelled.

This site is a compilation of my letters to you. Letters that will share my gratitude for the everyday things in life that are so often taken for granted. My hope is they inspire you to see your own life deeper and richer. That through my reflection and observations you too will be encouraged to stop and smell the roses and perhaps even notice the drops of water on their petals. Life is precious. Each day is a gift in disguise. We only need to put our cell phones down long enough to see it.

I look forward to writing you and getting to know you better.

With love and gratitude,

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